Vertical Probe Holder,  Identification

A Latch
Probe Holder Adjustment Knob
C Vertical Adjustment Knob
D Pivot Buttons
E Probe Holder Arms
F Yoke
G Probe Holder Arm Adjustment Knob
H Transverse Adjustment Screw
I Frame Bar

Probe Holder Setup

The probe holder adjustment knob allows the probe holder to be attached to a frame bar. Loosen the probe holder adjustment knob to enable horizontal positioning on a frame bar. 

The vertical adjustment knob allows height adjustment of the vertical probe holder.

Depending on the type of probe holder arms, various positions for the pivot buttons may exist. Use a 3/8 in wrench (a 3/8 in wrench is included with all JIREH systems) to remove or install pivot buttons.
When a narrow scanning footprint is required, use the pivot button holes closet to the yoke.

TIP: Tip: Probe pivoting may be impeded when closer to the yoke.

Position the wedge on the inner probe holder arm.
Tip: The probe holder yoke can accommodate many different probe and wedge sizes of varying widths. It is best to centre the wedge with the yoke’s pivot axis. This can reduce wedge ‘rocking’ when scanning. Position the inner probe holder arm accordingly using the supplied 3 mm hex driver.

Loosen the probe holder arm adjustment knob and slide the probe holder arm along the yoke pinching the wedge in place. Use care to ensure the centre of the probe is aligned with the centre of the yoke.

Tighten the probe holder arm adjustment knob.

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