JIREH Industries strives to provide the best functioning, most reliable equipment in the inspection industry. Unfortunately, there are times when damage or component failure affects the proper operation of the equipment. Whenever possible, JIREH provides email and phone support to find solutions to keep the equipment operating correctly. Should we be unable to provide a solution remotely, JIREH requires that all equipment be returned to an approved repair facility to ensure that repairs are done carefully and accurately.

Why Must Systems Be Returned to an Approved Repair Facility?

Returning the equipment to an approved repair facility is required for many reasons:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the equipment’s regulatory compliance, safety and reliability.

  • Ensuring these carefully manufactured and tested products comply with various international regulations.

  • Confirm all JIREH products undergo a safety analysis with specialized procedures and QC tests which are put in place to ensure the safety of our systems, which is a part of the design and regulatory cycle.

While failures occasionally occur, equipment reliability is of the utmost importance to us. As such, proper repair requires:

  • Knowledge of equipment functions and performance specifications and proprietary information

  • Specialized equipment

  • Understanding of complex repair techniques and intricate assembly

  • Ability and equipment to test products

Proper repairs to factory specifications often cannot be performed at other facilities. History has shown that misdiagnosis or further repair damage caused by unapproved repair facilities is highly likely even when the repair facility may appear to have suitable expertise.

Extenuating Circumstances

JIREH does recognize that in some situations, equipment owners may need to attempt their own repairs. JIREH may provide components for repair outside of JIREH approved facilities in some instances. Should this occur, several factors are essential to be aware of:

Responsibility for Equipment After Repair

The person or company completing the repair assumes all responsibility for the equipment’s regulatory, safety performance, and reliability after the repair.

Effect on Standard Warranty

Disassembly or opening of equipment for field repairs voids the factory warranty. At JIREH’s discretion, the original equipment warranty may be restored by returning the equipment to an approved repair facility, where it can be evaluated and inspected.

Part Costs

Parts for a repair typically need to be purchased. In rare cases, some mechanical components may be supplied under warranty. It is highly unusual to provide electronic components under warranty as it is often difficult to provide proof of diagnosis or component failure.

Supplied Component Warranty

In specialized circumstances where electronic components are available for purchase, the components supplied are non-returnable and have no warranty.

  • Even simple handling issues easily damage electronic components.

  • Diagnosis is often not correct or complete, and this may cause incomplete repair or even immediate failure of supplied components.

  • Often the expertise or equipment available to repair the equipment does not meet our standards or requirements for quality repairs. Frequently field repairs cause secondary issues. The warranty will be void as we cannot guarantee the quality of the repair.

Component Replacement Instructions

Instructions for replacement components cannot be provided as this type of repair is not supported. The customer is relying on the expertise of the unapproved facility to complete the repairs.

Advantages to having repairs done at an Approved Repair Facility

There are many advantages to having repairs completed at JIREH approved repair facilities.

  • Repairs will return the equipment to the best possible working condition.

  • The techniques used to repair equipment will be the same techniques used to manufacture the equipment, resulting in the regulatory approvals, safety, and reliability of the equipment being maintained or restored.

  • Products with a recall notice will be discovered and have necessary changes/updates performed at no charge.

  • In many situations, if upgrades are available, they are often applied at no cost to the customer, even when the standard warranties have expired. There is no better way to have JIREH equipment serviced than having JIREH experts complete the repairs.


JIREH has one of the best warranties in the industry. Details on the warranty can be found here: https://support.JIREH.com/en/articles/1221645-warranty.

To send equipment to JIREH for repair, please fill out an RMA request:


Example of Un-approved Repair at Unauthorized Repair Centre

This repair was done at an electronics repair facility in Europe. The repair caused multiple failures in addition to the initial problem. In the attempted repairs, components were tampered with that were not related to the initial failure point.

(Note the unnecessary splicing, excessive solder, melting on the capacitor, damage from excessive heat and solder shorting.)

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